10 Years of Royal Revolt 2

Strategy Game Hit Celebrates Anniversary with the Greatest Update of the Year and the First Ever Restart

  • Global success from Germany: Upright Games' strategy-tower-defense mix has amassed over 40 million downloads on iOS, Android, and Windows to date. 
  • Festive party atmosphere: The entire month is dedicated to celebrations with great events and gifts. 
  • This year's largest update introduces numerous additional strategic options.
  • Starting afresh: For the first time in the game's history, a second live server will be launched – the perfect opportunity to compete at the top of the leaderboard!

Frankfurt/Main, Germany, March 26, 2024 | A majestic anniversary unfolds in the kingdom: The free-to-play strategy tower defense hit, Royal Revolt 2, is celebrating its 10th anniversary! All gamers are invited to join in this year’s celebrations. Constructing castles, setting up obstacles, recruiting new units, and embarking on raids into other kingdoms – Royal Revolt 2 with its rich gameplay, stunning 3D graphics, and constantly new content, continues to captivate millions of strategy enthusiasts worldwide, a decade after its initial release in 2014. To date, the game developed by Upright Games in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, has achieved over 40 million downloads. Royal Revolt 2 is available for mobile devices running iOS and Android, and PC gamers can also enjoy the game as it's available in the Windows Store and on Steam.

Largest Update of the Year Brings Plenty of New Features for Strategists

As the highlight of the anniversary celebrations, players can now look forward to the biggest update of the year! The anniversary version introduces additional upgrade levels that truly affect every aspect of the game, significantly expanding strategic possibilities.

With an extra rune slot, the scope for customizing and enhancing units, obstacles, spells, and hero items is greatly expanded, opening up entirely new options for developing a personal play style.

The introduction of a fourth slot for hero items represents a pivotal shift in the gameplay dynamics. This innovation leads to a multitude of strategic possibilities and extended customization options that deeply alter the gameplay and metagame.Moreover, an extraction feature is introduced, allowing players to remove perks from one item and transfer them to another. This added layer of strategic fine-tuning enables players to tailor their experience more closely to their individual needs and opens new paths for progression in the game.

Starting Over: Royal Revolt 2 Launches a New Server for the First Time

Another highlight of the anniversary is the unveiling of a new server in Royal Revolt 2. Starting tomorrow, March 27, this new server opens its gates to all adventurers, offering a prime chance to reset with accumulated wisdom and aim for a strong position on the leaderboard right from the start. For the interested, the introduction of this second server presents a wonderful chance to establish their own kingdom in a realm where all outcomes are yet to be determined. With no alliances holding sway, every participant embarks on this journey from the ground up.

"We are delighted to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Royal Revolt 2 with the community. We are particularly excited to see how the new server is received, as it's the first time we are offering players the chance to start completely anew," says Felix Pietsch, CEO of Upright Games.

How It All Began …

Take a popular game concept and flip it on its head – and voilà, the next gaming hit is born! Thus was created the reverse-tower-defense game Royal Revolt!. Instead of defending your own tower, you step into the shoes of the attacker, overcoming all sorts of obstacles to ultimately claim vast treasures. The successor, Royal Revolt 2, not only embraces this innovative approach but also enriches it with elements of construction and PvP aspects. Gamers are tasked with creating the most impregnable defenses using a variety of units and obstacles, all the while forming their own offensive squads to capture the treasures of other players.

In contrast to the singleplayer adventure in Royal Revolt!, the multiplayer dimension holds significant importance in Royal Revolt 2. Throughout the last decade, the game has evolved to incorporate features such as alliances and wars between them, PvE dungeons, PvE ninja levels in PvE, and the innovative PvE mode, Mirror World. The addition of over 30 new units, upwards of 50 characters, and a surplus of 500 items has greatly enriched the game's content. Regular monthly seasons and weekly special events ensure a dynamic and varied gaming experience, a quality that has secured its spot as "Editor's Choice" in both the App Store and Google Play Store. Royal Revolt 2 keeps players engaged with an exciting event calendar and is regularly enhanced with extensive content updates by Upright Games.

Royal Revolt 2 is free-to-play and available in the App Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, and on Steam. For more information, please visit the official website: www.royalrevolt.com.

About Upright Games

Upright Games is team of experienced video game developers who use their passion to create outstanding mobile gaming experiences. Upright Games builds long lasting, fun and engaging games because they value the time of the players. While doing that, it is important to them that they also enjoy the process of making video games – ‘cause after all, that’s what they’re here for! More details: www.uprightgames.com.

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