Aquapark Tycoon Deep Dive of the Month – Spotlight on Pools

Germany, Erlangen, June 18, 2024 | Developer Boxelware reveals exciting new details about their upcoming simulation game in the first Aquapark Tycoon Deep Dive! Today, we're diving into the heart of any waterpark: the pools!

Entertainment in Cool Waters – An Overview of Pool Types

In a waterpark, splashing and swimming are the main activities. To turn childhood dreams of the perfect waterpark into reality, Aquapark Tycoon features a diverse selection of more than ten different pool types. Each pool can be customized and equipped to the players’ liking.

Today, Boxelware offers a sneak peek into the pool types:

Sports Pool

It's all about speed and precision! This expansive pool, filled with cool water, reaches a depth of 2.5 meters. Athletic swimmers can use the starting blocks to dive into the refreshing depths below. The lanes are distinctly marked with swim lines. There's plenty of space for ambitious swimmers who want to swim their laps undisturbed. For those looking to diversify their workout, additional sports equipment is readily available. 

  • Cool water
  • Up to 2.5 meters deep
  • Extras: swim lines, starting blocks, and sports equipment
Sports pool with starting blocks, swim lines and sports equipment
Sports pool with starting blocks, swim lines and sports equipment

Fun pool

The fun pool truly honors its name – fun is the priority! With its pleasantly cool water and moderate depth, this pool is a paradise for water lovers to splash around and explore a variety of water play structures. Fun pools are versatile, designed to be enjoyed by both swimmers and non-swimmers.

  • Cool water
  • Moderate depth
  • Extras: small slides, water play structures 
Fun pool with water play structures and slides
Fun pool with water play structures and slides

Thermal Pool

For those in pursuit of relaxation, the thermal pool offers a great retreat. The water, enriched with minerals, stays at a soothing temperature of at least 35°C and has a moderate depth that allows most adults to stand comfortably. Guests use this pool to relax, unwind, and indulge in an array of wellness activities. 

  • Warm, mineral-enriched water
  • Moderate depth
  • Extras: hydrotherapy fountains, massage jets
Thermal pool with massage jets and hydrotherapy fountains
Thermal pool with massage jets and hydrotherapy fountains


The whirlpool is the comfort oasis of the water park. Warm, bubbling water creates the perfect relaxation experience. Whether built as custom pools with cozy seating or as placeable, prefabricated Jacuzzis, these whirlpools blend seamlessly into the aqua park.

  • Warm, bubbling water
  • Moderate depth
  • Extras: massage jets, comfortable seating options
Cascade pool with integrated whirlpools
Cascade pool with integrated whirlpools

Wave Pool

Water park visitors can experience the thrill of the ocean in the wave pool. Featuring a shallow entry with a gentle slope and an integrated wave machine, this pool promises the ultimate wave-riding adventure. It brings a genuine ocean feel to the water park.

  • Moderately warm water
  • Gently sloping entry with increasing depth
  • Extras: wave machine
Wave pool with shallow entry side and wave machine
Wave pool with shallow entry side and wave machine

Children's Pool

Perfectly tailored for the younger waterpark guests, the children's pool offers a safe and fun environment. Its shallow waters are warm and filled with a variety of water play structures, making it an ideal spot for young children to splash and play. Here, safety and fun are top priorities!

  • Warm water
  • Shallow depth
  • Extras: water play structures
Shallow children's pool with slides and water play structures
Shallow children's pool with slides and water play structures

This is merely a small selection of the various pool types players can create in Aquapark Tycoon. Alongside these, there are diving pools, current pools, relaxation pools, cascade pools, Kneipp pools, and several more currently in the development pipeline.

Every Pool is a Unique Masterpiece

In Aquapark Tycoon, every pool is unique, built upon a basic model that can be individually customized through various modifications. Players have the flexibility to customize not only the depth and temperature of each pool but also to select from various water types, including chlorinated, thermal, or saltwater. Moreover, they can enhance their pools with special features such as wave machines or additional attractions. With these options, a basic pool can swiftly be transformed into an action-packed fun pool or a pool crafted for relaxation.

Unlimited Creativity

When designing the pools, players have almost limitless options. They can choose from traditional rectangular pools to more imaginative shapes, each adding a unique flair to their aquapark. Even the pool edges and tiles are customizable to suit individual preferences. These aesthetic choices are purely visual and do not impact gameplay, as opposed to the pool equipment, which significantly influences guest satisfaction. Depending on their desires for fun, sports, wellness, or relaxation, guests will gravitate towards the pool that best meets their needs.

Features like massage jets, water mushrooms, and poolside slides attract guests to pools that match their preferences.

Pools lacking these enhancements are viewed simply as basic swimmer or non-swimmer pools. When sports enthusiasts don't find a sports pool, they begin to wish for one equipped with the right gear and lanes. Similarly, visitors seeking fun pools desire those packed with diverse attractions. It's up to the players to design an aquapark that meets as many of their guests’ preferences as possible.

Boxelware will soon provide more insights on how to enhance an aquapark beyond just the pools, transforming it into a truly exceptional destination.

Aquapark Tycoon is slated for release on PC in early 2025. For the latest updates, visit the official website, check out Steam, or join the conversation on Discord. Make sure to add Aquapark Tycoon to your wishlist to keep up-to-date with the latest news!

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About Boxelware

Boxelware is a development studio founded in 2016, based in Erlangen. The studio is led by Konstantin Kronfeldner, who realized his dream with the space game Avorion. Funding was secured through a Kickstarter campaign. Since the Early Access launch of Avorion in 2017, the game has sold over 500,000 copies. Aquapark Tycoon, set for release in 2025 for PC, is the studio's second game.

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