ARK: Survival Ascended Will Exclusively Use Nitrado Technology for Game Servers to Enhance the Multiplayer Experience

Studio Wildcard, creators of the ARK franchise, and Nitrado, leading game server hoster, agree on long-running partnership

Redmond, WA / Karlsruhe, Germany - August 15, 2023 | Studio Wildcard and Nitrado proudly announce a partnership centered on the multiplayer of ARK: Survival Ascended, the upcoming sequel to the mega hit ARK: Survival Evolved that sold more than 35 million copies. ARK: Survival Ascended is scheduled to be released in Q3 of 2023 and is featured on numerous “Most anticipated games of 2023” lists by international media.

Studio Wildcard, the developer of the ARK games, and Nitrado, the world leader in game server rentals, have worked together for nearly a decade but with the new collaboration take their partnership to the next level: Nitrado will provide know-how and funding for the development of ARK: Survival Ascended as well as access to Nitrado’s top notch server tools. This includes (but is not limited to) an enhanced mod experience with Overwolf integration, unrivaled SteelShield® DDoS Protection, and unparalleled server support. Nitrado will, in turn, be the only commercial provider of rented game servers for the ARK games, but self-hosted servers by players will still be possible for PC.

Doug Kennedy, co-founder and CEO of Studio Wildcard, says: “We’re happy to announce this partnership with Nitrado and are confident that together with Nitrado’s seamless integration of ARK Survival Ascended’s revolutionary cross-platform mod system, will lay the foundation for a new frontier in online survival games!”

Raphael Stange, CEO of Nitrado adds: "We are honored to help bring the next iteration of the ARK franchise to the gamers who so eagerly await it. Being fans of ARK from the start, we’re committed to do the best we can to make the technical side of multiplayer experience as perfect as possible!"

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About Nitrado

Nitrado and its subsidiary companies Apex Hosting and MCProHosting (both based in the US) specialize in renting private servers, allowing players to customize their gaming experience. Nitrado is a market leader in this area, with a 4+ million customer base. Additionally, we provide multiplayer server infrastructure for well-known games such as Ark: Survival Evolved, Minecraft, Farming Simulator and DayZ. Our partners not only receive servers from us, but we also offer them Nitrado SteelShield® protection against DDOS attacks and the ability to monitor their multiplayer server performance through the Nitrado Enterprise Console®. Our engineers have expertise in the software side of multiplayer implementation and have been instrumental in developing our partner's new multiplayer games. Early consultation with us has saved many studios from facing difficulties in developing multiplayer features.

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Enterprise Console:

About Studio Wildcard

Founded in 2014 by industry veterans Jeremy Stieglitz and Jesse Rapczak, Studio Wildcard’s mission is to bring AAA quality to ambitious indie titles designed for core gamers. The studio’s hit title ARK: Survival Evolved has sold more than 35 million copies across all platforms. The team emphasizes direct communication with their active community, implements player feedback into its fast, iterative dev cycle, and provides tools to drive user-generated content. Studio Wildcard includes distributed developers across multiple continents, as wherever talented developers reside, Wildcard seeks them out!


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