Extensive Update for EMERGENCY: New Area of Operation and Numerous Rescue Missions at the Start of the First Season

Tübingen, Germany, March 6, 2024 | The developer studio Sixteen Tons Entertainment is excited to announce an extensive update for EMERGENCY, the latest game of the internationally successful real-time strategy series centered around firefighting, paramedics, police, and technical department. Later this month, players can look forward to an additional area of operation, more rescue missions, further upgrade options, and the introduction of the new seasonal ranking system!

Rescue Missions in the Industrial Port

With the upcoming update, the development team is expanding the world of EMERGENCY with a new area of operation. Following the previous challenges in Downtown, Countryside and Laborton, the route of the rescue units leads to the industrial port, an area which demands considerable strategic skill and coordination from players. This new environment encompasses big container yards, administration offices, docks, and industrial areas as well as a cruise liner pier, and a large modern train station – an ideal setting for 80 new rescue missions. Many of these missions have been specially developed for the use of the technical department and require new strategies in managing the operations.

Welcome to the First Season!

With the launch of the new Seasonal Ranking System in EMERGENCY, players have the chance to earn premium currency EMeralds in the free-to-play title! Each Season lasts three months. The top ten players who earn the most points during a Season will be rewarded.

Upgrades for Emergency Teams and Vehicles 

The game introduces over 20 new upgrade cards to enhance emergency units and complete card collections. Among other benefits, the new upgrade cards provide players with an additional engineer for the fire truck, a paramedic for the ambulance, and a new grenade to stun criminals.

Upgrades of a different kind are available for the vehicles in the game: With the new update, the popular Life-Line skins are available for all vehicles. Players can give their vehicle a new look with an animated Life-Line skin.

Available for Mac

EMERGENCY has already attracted hundreds of thousands of players on Windows PCs. Soon, the game will also be available to Apple fans, as the new version will be fully playable on Mac.

Features of the Extensive EMERGENCY Update:

  • New area of operation: Industrial port with rail and track facilities as the fourth operation area
  • 80 new rescue missions: A variety of new challenges, including many missions for the technical department
  • Seasonal Ranking System: Earn points during the season, rank among the best players and receive the premium currency EMeralds
  • More than 20 new upgrade cards: More options to enhance emergency units and complete the card collection
  • Life-Line skins for all vehicles: The popular animated Life-Line skins are available for all EMERGENCY vehicles.
  • Soon available for Mac: With the new update, EMERGENCY will also be fully playable on Mac

Sixteen Tons Entertainment, a studio from the Phoenix Games portfolio, is releasing the new content for EMERGENCY this month as a free update. More information about EMERGENCY can be found on the website, Discord, and Steam.

About Sixteen Tons Entertainment 

Tübingen-based developer studio Sixteen Tons Entertainment, founded in 1993, has repeatedly set standards in digital game design with titles such as MAD NEWS or the globally successful EMERGENCY series. Titles from the EMERGENCY series have received numerous international awards.

Sixteen Tons Entertainment develops high-quality games for current game consoles, smartphones and PCs. The team around game designer Ralph Stock is one of the longest-lived development studios in Europe. Sixteen Tons Entertainment is a label of Promotion Software GmbH. More information: www.sixteen-tons.de/en

About Phoenix Games

Phoenix Games is a globally operating games company specialized in acquiring and enhancing game studios. With its proprietary AI-based Uplift Platform and by adding know-how, talent and resources to a portfolio of fully-owned studios, the company ensures an improved reach, performance and monetization of the studios' existing games. This enables founders to transcend industry barriers and reach the full potential of their games and intellectual property. As we expand, Phoenix Games is on the lookout for game development studios with live portfolios, eager to extend their reach and unlock their potential.

Discover more at www.phoenixgames.com.

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