GamesForest.Club is Growing – New Member Companies, New Partnerships, New Employees and 40,000 trees planted

Almost 30 companies from the games industry have protected an area of 21,000 m² and planted 40,000 trees //gamescom forest and Goodgame Studios join GamesForest.Club //New Donation Tool involves players

Berlin, 22 February 2022 | The GamesForest.Club is the first overarching initiative for forest protection and reforestation of the games industry, and has been growing steadily since its founding at the end of 2021. From now on, new partners, members, and employees actively support the non-profit initiative from Georg Broxtermann and Maria Wagner.

40,000 trees planted

In November the non-profit initiative was launched with a dozen companies from the industry. Around twelve weeks later, the virtual Polygon Forest, which reflects the project's progress in the real world on the CSS Design Awards-winning GamesForest.Club website, has grown enormously. With the support of over 30 GamesForest.Club partner companies from the games industry, almost 40,000 trees have been planted and an area of 21,000 m² has been protected.

New partner: gamescom forest

The gamescom forest is the sustainability project of gamescom, the world's largest event for computer and video games. A total of over 45,000 euros has already been donated by the community and partners, resulting in more than 5,000 trees being planted on over 15,000m² near Bayreuth. The gamescom forest is a partner of the GamesForest.Club.

"Environmental and climate protection plays an important role for the games industry. With the gamescom forest, we want to make our contribution and give the community and our partners the opportunity to get involved with us. That's why we are happy to be part of the GamesForest.Club with this project, because together we can achieve even more for environmental and climate protection," says Felix Falk, Managing Director of game - Verband der deutschen Games-Branche e.V. and co-organizer of gamescom.

More information about the gamescom forest can be found here: 

New additions: Goodgame Studios and other companies from the industry

For a few weeks, the Hamburg-based developers and publishers of free-to-play titles are the proud owners of "The Goodgame Studios Forest". As a sponsor, they not only enable the planting of 77 trees in a cultivation area in Mexico that was established in 2020, but at the same time they support research institutions that study the growth, survival, and carbon sequestration of trees. More information on the project called "Research Forest PlanBe": click.

In addition to Goodgame Studios, Miniclip, Gameinfluencer, Landfall Games, Keen Games Productions, Paladin Studios and many more are also part of the GamesForest.Club.

New Features: Customization and Donation Tools

The growing GamesForest.Club team is continuously developing new ideas and features for the digital forest and its integration into other projects. In the future, members will be able to customize their forest.

For game developers and publishers, the team has developed a donation tool that can be integrated into games. The donation feature draws the attention of players to the forest protection and reforestation project in their favourite games and allows them to donate directly. 

About GamesForest.Club

GamesForest.Club is a Berlin-based non-profit that helps gaming and creative industries actively invest in carbon absorption through reforestation and conservation projects initiatives, the replanting of past forests, and the protection of existing and healthy forests. It was co-founded by Maria Wagner and Georg Broxtermann. Info:



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