GamesForest.Club officially launches! - The games industry tackles the climate crisis

The formal launch of the games industry's non-profit forest conservation and reforestation initiative will take place at this week’s WN North America Online and PG Connects Digital Next. A dozen industry companies have gotten involved on the ground floor, including Miniclip, Landfall Games, Keen Games and Paladin Studios.

Berlin, November 15, 2021| In a joint presentation with Miniclip co-founder Rob Small at the WN North America Online, Games Forest co-founder Georg Broxtermann is going to announce today (at 7:30 am PST) the official launch of Berlin-based GamesForest.Club.

The goal of the initiative is to utilise the combined forces of international games companies to grow the "GamesForest". This involves funding international projects that reforest, protect, or replant forests. Gamification is also part of the process: A polygon forest grows on the GamesForest.Club website, vividly documenting the progress of the projects. Visitors to the website can fly through the digital GamesForest on a hot air balloon and learn about each individual project in detail.

A digital representation of the "GamesForest".
A digital representation of the "GamesForest".


There are already numerous carefully vetted project partnerships in a dozen countries, and the first trees have already been planted. Partners include the German Beech Jungle (Wohlleben, Germany), Plant for the Planet - Trees for Climate Justice (Granada, Spain), and WWF Planting Trees Cultivating Peace (Sierra de la Macarena National Park, Colombia).

Monitoring the preservation area in Wohlleben, Germany.
Monitoring the preservation area in Wohlleben, Germany.

GamesForest.Club is supported by a number of well-known games companies, and many more have expressed their interest. Already participating are: Miniclip, Gameinfluencer, Landfall Games, Keengames, Out Of the Park Baseball, Paladin Studios and others. Rob Small, Founder and President of Miniclip, comments, "We at Miniclip are happy to be a supporter in this project and do our part to contribute to a more sustainable future." Pete Walentin, CFO of Keen Games, adds “Joining the Gameforest Club is a no-brainer for us. We all need to talk about how to reduce our carbon footprint, we all need to think about what we can change in our lives to reach that goal.”


The polygon planet documents the progress of the GamesForest initiative.
The polygon planet documents the progress of the GamesForest initiative.


GamesForest is the brainchild of Maria Wagner (impact with joy) and Georg Broxtermann (Gameinfluencer). The pair have planted the seed for an overarching games industry initiative with this project. 


"Despite all its success and sparkling creativity, the games industry is still the bogeyman for many, but we are stepping up here to make a substantial and sustainable contribution to the preservation of our environment. I'm overwhelmed by the encouragement and support from colleagues, partners, friends in the games industry, but there's a hell of a lot to do - let's do it together!", said Broxtermann.


About GamesForest.Club

GamesForest.Club is a Berlin-based non-profit that helps gaming and creative industries actively invest in carbon sequestration through reforestation initiatives, the replanting of past forests and the protection of existing and healthy forests. It was co-founded by Maria Wagner and Georg Broxtermann. Info:




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