Leap of Phase: Samantha Is a First Person Puzzle Game with Lovecraftian Horror

The debut work of indie developer Out of the Box Games for PC combines challenging puzzles with teleport mechanics and narrative horror elements.

Germany, Berlin, April 18 2023 | Leap of Phase: Samantha, developed by the independent video game development studio Out of the Box Games from Berlin, is a first-person puzzle game with a dark twist. Players navigate the testing facility of a mysterious tech company using experimental teleportation technology as they take on the role of Samantha Miller, Junior Manager. She thought it would be her chance of a lifetime when tech giant IRT hired her to work in their new testing facility. But now… Samantha is a guinea pig for experimental teleporting technology and suspects that something is wrong with this company. Very wrong.

Leap of Phase: Samantha is available via Steam for Windows PC at a price of €12.49:


The official trailers for Leap of Phase: Samantha:

Story Trailer

Gameplay Trailer

Find a way out!

The IRT facility features 45 rooms, which players can only leave with the help of teleporter units. After activating a unit, they will be teleported to the position the unit was placed. The tricky part is that players can only choose the unit they want to be placed and not the unit they want to be teleported to. The teleporting order is set and must be kept in mind while placing the teleporter units. Interactive devices can be manipulated via buttons to advance through puzzle rooms. 

Leap of Phase features a compelling story written by novelist Falko Loeffler.

Key features:

  • 45 puzzle rooms
  • More than 100 challenging puzzles
  • A compelling and mysterious story written by German author Falko Loeffler
  • Fully voiced dialogue (2800+ lines)
  • An atmospheric soundtrack
  • Lots of teleporters!

Note: The game was initially published as "TPORT".


About Out of the Box Games

Out of the Box Games is an independent video game development studio, founded by Jan Baarß in 2019 in Berlin, Germany.

It is our vision to make games that merge original puzzle mechanics with deep narratives.

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