Refreshing Tycoon Adventure Slated for 2025: Boxelware to Release Aquapark Tycoon on PC

Erlangen, Germany, April 8, 2024 | Boxelware, the German indie studio celebrated for its globally acclaimed space simulation Avorion, is thrilled to unveil its latest project: Aquapark Tycoon. Fans of tycoon games will delight in a dynamic game universe with limitless creative opportunities. Aquapark Tycoon is set to deliver a unique fusion of creativity, strategic planning, and park management, offering players the chance to design, build, and oversee their very own water parks.

From the drawing board to diving boards

In Aquapark Tycoon, players take on the role of a water park manager, tasked with designing diverse poolscapes, constructing thrilling water slides, and creating wellness havens with a variety of saunas, all while attending to the desires of their guests. Each day presents fresh challenges, providing abundant opportunities for creativity and management skills.

Konstantin Kronfeldner, founder and CEO of Boxelware, says, "Following our success with Avorion, the creation of Aquapark Tycoon represents yet another dream come to fruition for us. The whole team is excited about the water park theme, recognizing the vast potential it brings to merge creative construction with the mechanics of tycoon gameplay. We are incredibly excited to share our passion with the community and to create a game that is both entertaining and challenging.”

Watch the teaser trailer for Aquapark Tycoon: 

Features of Aquapark Tycoon:

Aquapark Tycoon will offer a wealth of content and features, ensuring hours of fun gameplay. A selection of the most important features and tasks:

  • Design stunning indoor pools and aquaparks with pool landscapes, slides, and saunas.
  • Choose from over 10 types of pools to swim, splash and relax. 
  • Use a modular construction system to design unique water slides. 
  • 10 types of saunas with customizable settings for temperature, humidity, and various infusions. 
  • Meet the needs of all guest groups, from teenagers and families to senior citizens. 
  • Seasonal attractions: Cool pools in the summer or heated pools and saunas in the winter as major draws. 
  • Optimize financial and staff management for smooth operations flow and maximum guest satisfaction. 
  • Tackle challenges in scenarios or set personal goals in sandbox mode.

Aquapark Tycoon is Boxelware's second game project following the success of Avorion, a title that has amassed over 500,000 sales since its Early Access debut in 2017.

With development in full swing, the eagerly awaited Aquapark Tycoon is set for its PC release in 2025. For updates on the game, visit the official website, Steam, or join the conversation on Discord.

This project has been funded by FFF Bayern.





About Boxelware

Boxelware is a development studio founded in 2016, based in Erlangen. The studio is led by Konstantin Kronfeldner, who realized his dream with the space game Avorion. Funding was secured through a Kickstarter campaign. Since the Early Access launch of Avorion in 2017, the game has sold over 500,000 copies. Aquapark Tycoon, set for release in 2025 for PC, is the studio's second game.

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