„Supercharge your Corporate Audio“.

Paris, France & Münster, Germany, September 22 2022 | Rumble Studio, a software company for asynchronous podcast recording, and Hype1000, the leading corporate audio startup in Europe, announce their strategic partnership. With their joint offer, companies are now able to supercharge their corporate podcast production and distribution. 

With this strategic partnership companies can now supercharge their audio content creation and distribution process. The French startup, Rumble Studio, allows creators, agencies & brands to create audio content at scale, using asynchronous interviews. Their software makes podcast creation 10x faster compared to traditional content creation processes and reduces complexity. With their super simple Corporate Audio software, Hypecast, the German-based startup Hype1000 lets companies easily manage content, users and groups and securely distribute their audio content within their organization or with business partners – within minutes!

Internal podcasting improves employer engagement

For many corporates, internal podcasts are becoming more and more relevant when it comes to improving internal communications. This is strongly influenced by the rise of remote or hybrid work, the need to improve employer engagement and create a more inclusive work environment. Internal podcasts are an effective tool to improve internal communications and employer engagement as they have a 5x higher engagement rate versus regular internal newsletters and need 75% less resources to create compared to video*. To make internal podcasting as simple as possible, Hypecast provides companies with all the necessary tools, including hosting, user and group management, and analytics. 

Lightning fast content creation

Recent studies show that 78% of all employees want an internal podcast*. As podcasting is still a relatively new content medium for many companies, especially as an internal communications tool, they often struggle when it comes to content creation. Commons challenges include: scheduling live recording sessions with executives; managing complex audio creation tools and processes within the ​ time-constraints; releasing content on a consistent basis over the long term. With the asynchronous podcast recording software from Rumble Studio these are challenges of the past. An easy step-by-step process guides hosts and guests through the entire podcast creation process and makes podcast creation 10x faster. With the strategic partnership customers of Hypecast and Rumble Studio benefit from exclusive partnership deals and can test both solutions for a 90 day-period*. Supercharge your Corporate Audio experience with Rumble Studio and Hypecast. 

*Hypecast, 2021

**Kantar, 2021

About Rumble Studio

Rumble Studio helps companies to create podcasts 10X faster and easier, using asynchronous interviews. Simply write some questions, send your guest(s) a link, and let Rumble run the interviews. This avoids scheduling live calls, and makes podcasting scalable, efficient and fun! Crowdsource audio from many employees at once to quickly create lots of content, and generate huge engagement with your teams and clients.

About Hypecast

Hypecast is the super simple Corporate Audio solution to help you bring audio into your organization. Easily create and share exciting audio content with your teams, B2B clients and business partners and let them access your content securely anywhere, anytime. Hypecast can easily be integrated into all existing corporate channels via our plugin integrations or API.

About Hype1000

The Audio-Tech startup Hype1000 was founded in 2021 by Maximilian Conrad and Simon Kapell. With over 10 years experience in Podcasting the team develops Corporate Audio solutions. As one of the leading Corporate Audio startups Hype1000 has set out to bring Corporate Audio into the business world. With Hype1000 Productions, Hypecast and Hypecast Studio, Hype1000 offers their customers a full-service audio service. 



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